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I recently had the honor of attending Susan Browns shiatsu class. It was a wonderful learning experience. I find Susan to be patient, brilliant, kind hearted and extremely talented in all aspects of massage therapy as well as nutrition. Susan has many years of experience and demonstrates her abilities well   I definitely encourage anyone to continue their c.e.u or educational classes under her supervision. you will be very happy. and learn a tremendous amount of information in a short amount of time that will become extremely useful in your career. I thank God for Susan. I definitely encourage all that have the privilege to attend any of her c.e.u.or educational classes.

Kim Anderson

Bakersville, NC

Dear Susan ,
  The class was such a lovely mix of refreshing old skills and learning new technique. I loved reading from classic texts ,doing Qi gong and working with so many practitioners.  I look forward to the next opportunity to get together. I'm already practicing what I learned this week  with great results.
  Thank you,
   Amanda Witherspoon
   Celo, NC
Susan,  Thank you for a lovely workshop.  I  am interested in another workshop that deepens our learning and practice. 





Susan has been an incredible addition to my team! My patients really notice the benefit they gain from her work. The combination of massage therapy with my adjustments definately enhance the quatility of their visits.

Dr. Brett Cardonick

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Susan came to my aid when I was in labor, massaging me in all the right places to help reduce the pain and help me to feel calmer and supported.  She was with me through every contraction from the beginning of labor until the baby arrived, about 24 hours.  At the end, when I was not fully dialated she had me change positions, rocking and doing lunges to allow movement and gravity to speed the labor on.  She helped support me after the baby was born with some nursing tips and some lessons in infant massage.

Michelle O'Donnell

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